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Cyndis Best PTCs

Hi and welcome to my PTC/GPT page.

PTC stands for paid-to-click; very simply put you can join a site, click the available ads and earn money.

GPT stands for get-paid-to; most of these sites have PTC ads but they also allow you to make extra money by doing surveys, offerwalls and watching short video clips.

To add to these earnings you can get direct referrals or rent them from the company (usally 30, 60, 80 or 120 days at a time) to boost your earnings (substantially.)


Here I have included a small list of PTC's, the ones that I use with great success!


Have a look around...these PTC's have all been time tested by me and I feel very loyal to them!

I wish you all the best!  Till I see you again,

Hugs, Cyndi

Below and in the column to the right, you will find some of the best PTC's on the WWW today.  I have been paid multiple times by the PTC's listed below! 

~*~Instant Cash Sweepstakes~*~

~*~Paid Viewpoint ~*~

~*~ Unique Rewards ~*~

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Why not get paid back for the shopping YOU do online? ;)

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