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I really want to say a big thank you to all of my friends!
You've shown me so much love in the making of Cyndi's Creations
and I'm so grateful to you!

Below are the sites that I know of that support Cyndi's Creations
and I am happy to support you too :-)

Hugs, Cyndi

All My Kitties




Day Dreams


Farmer Branches

Forever Sunset 2 U

Friend's Forever!


Immortal Grace

In Honor


Ladybug's Nest

Lady J's Designs

LaReina Persians Plus


Matinihofje "Ïn Loving Memory"

My Sweet Daddy2



New Lock's Arrow


Poetic Windstorms


Raven Creations

Raven Queen's Domain



The Cold Spot

Toby Keith


Welcome to the Kathouse